The Journey Begins

“A simple hello could lead to a million things!”

This is my favorite ice breaking quote, to be honest it’s a very useful tool, which you all could use as well to say the first hello.

Now, please I don’t mean that you go and say the exact same words. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Just revolve your conversation around it and *boom* you’re half way through the daunting task of introducing yourself.

Have I as yet told you about myself? 👀

Now that I’ve probably distracted you all a tad bit, I am an average brown girl from Pakistan! My name is Yumna. Few of my friends call me by my surname, Dar, so I don’t mind you all doing the same. 😃

You pronounce the first half of my name  Yumna just as you pronounced the first word of this sentence. Yes, you. Make sure you don’t stress too much on the U to make it sound like Yuuuumna. You can rhyme it with the zum in zumba and you’re totes good to do! 👍🏻

Anyway, that was how you say my name. Moving on to what I like. I like to sing (casually) and hang out with my mama and baba bear, mainly. I’ve been lucky to have a sincere bunch of cousins and friends and I cherish all the time I spend with them. That’s like a brief three point summary about what my life revolves around. 🙊

I don’t talk that much, do I? Isn’t that enough for now? 👀  How about you say hi and leave comments for me, guiding me to your world of blogging! I am really looking forward to hear from you with all your awesome suggestions.